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Madshus Nanosonic Classic Ski 11-12
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Madshus Ski Sizing Chart

Madshus Nanonsonic Carbon Classic Ski. The Nanonsonic Classic Carbon uses the same base and grind for both cold and plus, with the Plus having a slightly higher camber and a bit of tip splay. Sidecut 44-42-44 1000gr for 190cm length NIS binding plate P190 Nanobase.  A new core material and heat shield makes the new Nano more thermally stable and has shown to be more durable than previous models.

We picked all of these skis at the Factory in Lillehammer.  They have been great on the snow.  Madshus has the longest kick zone of any of the top brands and typically has a smooth, easy-kicking feel.  The 103 (plus) is higher camber with a more pronounced pocket shape with more height built into the front of the pocket along with some residual camber to keep stickier waxes off the snow.  The 102 (cold) has a long, low pocket that is strong enough to hold the skier off the snow, but soft enough to give buttery soft kick for cold hard-wax conditions (anything below 0C/32F). 

The Madshus development team found one variant of their test skis to be so amazing during testing in the spring that they brought the new construction into production immediately for the 103 model.  We got to test this "VR" construction on the Sognefjell glacier in June, 2010 and were impressed.  The VR ski has a very distinct feel, combining a very strong pocket with readily-available kick.  After skiing these skis for a few kilometers, you figure out how to time your kick and where to push, and it is like being on a skateboard - fast and free while gliding, but rock solid, kick available right at the ball of your foot.  Every customer who we've fit on the VR skis has gushed about them.  All of the 103 skis are VR camber for 2011-2012.

If you don't know what size to pick, just choose one and enter "need help choosing length" in addition to your height and weight in the field below. We will make sure you get the right fit, and if we don't have the right ski, we will refund your order.

Call BNS Midwest for availability: 952-303-5683 

Dimensions: 82x6x4
Weight: 5.00
In Stock 195 200
103 Yes Yes
Regular Price: $650.00
On Sale Now: $325.00 

Madshus Nanosonic Classic Ski 11-12

Madshus Nanosonic Classic Ski 11-12

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