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BNS Stagecoach Classic Race Wax Service

BNS Stagecoach Classic Race Wax Service

BNS Stagecoach Classic Race Wax Service

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Stagecoach Classic

BNS Mobile Race Wax Service will be at the Stagecoach Classic at Devil's Thumb Ranch with a full service team providing brand-neutral race waxing service.  Treat yourself to a full race wax application by our pro service team so you can relax and focus on your race. You can also check in at the Boulder shop or online at to find out what wax is running fastest and stock up on whatever you need. We will be testing all brands of waxes to find the fastest solution.  BNS will post wax updates to Facebook (bouldernordic) and


Our race service includes base prep, LF & HF paraffins and pure fluoro topcoats.  For classic skis, we will iron in a binder layer and, for this race only, do the final kick wax layers for you on race morning. We will test kick waxes, apply the layers to the kick zone you specify and make adjustments as needed.

Ski Drop Off

Please get your skis to BNS as early as possible in order to allow us to do base prep and deliver your skis on time and without stress. 

BNS Boulder Store: Drop off any time before 6PM Thursday. If you would like to drop off you skis early, you can drop them at the BNS in Boulder (3600 Arapahoe Ave).

Friday Drop Off Grand County. If you are unable to drop off skis at our Boulder shop, you can arrange to drop them at our Grand County Location. Please ask about details for drop off. We will need them dropped off by 2PM Friday. at our waxing location TBD. You will need to purchase the race wax service online at and print out your receipt to drop off with skis.

The earlier we have the skis the sooner you get them back.  Please deliver skis to us clean, scraped and with ski ties. Mark your kick zones clearly.  Print out your receipt and bring a copy with you to drop-off.  Make sure we have labeled them with name, cell phone number and the race event you are competing in (15km/30km/tour).

Locations and Schedules subject to change.  Please visit for the latest drop-off schedule

Ski Pick Up

Skis will be available for pick-up race morning at Devil's Thumb by the BNS banner near the start area/yurt. Please show up early to test your kick wax. We will have your skis ready to test approximately 30 minutes before your race start. If you have a pair of skis for warm-up, please bring them ready to go as you may not have your race skis available while we work on them. With a lot of skis to kick wax, we will be busy and your skis may not be ready until just before your start.

Refund Policy

NOTE: THIS IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  BNS will refund if the race is cancelled before the wax service is started, or BNS has to cancel for any reason, but otherwise this is non-refundable. If the race wax service is performed and the race is cancelled after the service has been provided, no refunds will be given.


BNS Boulder: 720.227.9400

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